188 Because I Have Received


Because I have received the grace of forgiveness

I am a forgiven forgiver forgiving

Because I am teachable

I am an inspired taught teacher teaching

Because I have experienced healing at many levels, at those levels

I am a devoted healed healer healing

Because our Father, Creator is Love, we are all love, therefore

I am a beloved lover loving

Because I am enriched beyond my dreams by our Father's loving grace,

I am an enriched enrich-er enriching

Because our Father is Omnipotence, I have the ability to live, move and have my being

I am an empowered empower-er empowering

Because I am awakened, enlightened by our loving Father’s grace

I am an enlightened enlightener enlightening

Because I have the clutter cleared from my Spiritual Path by grace,

I am a clutter buster busting clutter

Because I am Created as a Co-creator in our Father’s image and likeness,

I am a Co-created Co-creator Co-creating

Because each Created individual are in Truth Divinely Design

I am a Divinely Designed co-designer co-designing

Because I am communicate to

I am a communicated to communicator communicating

Because I have received so much tender mercy, loving grace and a great pathway of life,

I must pass it on. Our Program offers us opportunities 24/7 to share our gifts, and talents, freely given to each of us. And for this, I am grateful and willing to share all I can.

When I am still I hear the Voice of Silence saying;

Come, let me forgive you, teach you, love you, heal you and I will, I have, I am.