015 Just An Un-Traditional Reminder



Let me remember even for this instant and throughout this day to seek the Will of God and follow all His Ways. Let me remember that:

1. My fulfillment, love, joy and forgiveness come through my sharing, joining with others in our common welfare.

2. God, as we understand Him, is my only True Source, we are His children, His agents, His individual expressions, we have come together for His purpose. Even now He is guiding and directing us.

3. Out of enlightened self-interest I want, I choose, to share all I can with whomever He brings.

4. The one I am sharing with and I must come to our own decisions or agreements but not at anyone's expense.

5. As an individual God created, we have a special message to share. Joined with those I am drawn to share this message is my primary purpose.

6. I ought never share my special message with those for which it is not for. I should not endorse or give my power, prestige to a cause I have no business, since doing so may divert me from my primary purpose.

7. As God's agent I am self-supporting, by His Divine Grace, I am free of outside interference. He will give us all we need to do His Will.

8. My special gifts given freely to me, I must share them freely, not as a professional.

9. I need to keep an open-mind for His guidance, His flow of love and wisdom -- avoiding the closed-mindedness of too many rigid rules or over organization.

10. I need to stay focused on my primary purpose -- avoiding useless arguments on outside issues.

11. I must walk the talk. My willingness to be His agent will attract what or who I need to do His Will. Humility goes with this willingness.

12. I need to credit the results to Him, our Boss. I now take off my mask and practice His Principles in all of my affairs.